Gaël Corboz 

Artist, photographer and a motion designer

Based in Vevey, Switzerland, he's a distinguished artist, photographer, and motion designer with honors from ECAL, the renowned art school. His versatile career spans music, luxury industries, and the dynamic world of NFTs within the web3 ecosystem. His work harmoniously blends nature and technology, uniting the beauty of the natural world with cutting-edge advancements. Above all, his creative journey is fueled by a desire to challenge conventional beauty standards, exploring the ever-evolving interplay between art and innovation through the lens of nature and technology.


Sephora, Gucci Oribe, Zénith Watches, Ous Records, Strecke Records, MTV, Warner
Music, Creaked Records, SwissTypefaces, Ding Yun Zhang etc


Forbes, Novembre Magazine, Dazed Beauty, I Love You Magazine,
Automated Photography, ECAL


Neal Digital Art Gallery, at Joy City, collective show, Curated by Neal Digital Art Gallery, Beijing China 2024

Crypto Winter Wonderland, at Beeple Studio, collective show, Curated by Beeple, Charleston USA, 2023

For the Culture, at The NFT Factory, collective show, Curated by ArtPoint, Paris France, 2023

Nuit blanche, at Le consulat, collective show, Curated by Minuit Digital, Paris France, 2023

Look at me, at Château de l’aile gallery, collective show, Curated by Glass Temple, Vevey Switzerland, 2023

The Cabinet of Imagined Worlds, at TheSandbox Headquarter, collective show, Curated by ArtPoint, Paris France, 2022 

Automated Photography, at Platform L gallery, collective show, curated by Milo Keller, Séoul KR, 2022

NYC NFT Diversity of NFTs Art on Time Square Billboard, collective show, curated by NFT NYC, New York USA, 2022 

Adidas London, Creative Debuts at Adidas Flagship Store , collaboration with Boxhead art, curated by Boxhead, London UK, 2022

Festival Alt+1000, at Vallée de La Brévine, collective show, curated by Nathalie Herschdorfer Le Locle Switzerland, 2021

Automated Photography, at Espaces Commines collective show, curated by Milo Keller, Paris France,  2021

High Flow embrasser des Espaces infinis, collective Show, curated by Marie Maertens , Geneva Switzerand, 2020

ECAL, Diplômes Hall Kudelski, curated by Milo Keller, Lausanne Switzerland, 2020

Lost in Fantasy, at Andata Ritorno Gallery solo show, Curated by Daniel Maury,  Geneva Switzerland, 2019

Brutal 003, Paris Photo, at Au Roi Gallery, collective Show , Curated by Nicolas Poillot, Paris France, 2019