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My 3D video landscapes, featured in exhibitions across Seoul, Paris, and Lausanne, represent a fusion of art and technology. These immersive creations were part of the collective show and research project, "Automated Photography," where we delved into the intriguing intersection of art and technology. Through this exhibition, I had the privilege of exploring the limitless possibilities that emerge when creativity meets automation, offering viewers a glimpse into a future where the digital realm and artistic expression harmoniously coexist. Exhibition curated by Milo Keller. 

My 3D video landscapes, showcased at the prestigious 22gallery in Dubai, represent a groundbreaking approach to immersive art. The concept behind this exhibit was to envelope viewers in an all-encompassing 180° screen, allowing them to step into a world of mesmerizing digital landscapes. This innovative presentation challenged the boundaries of traditional art, offering an experience that blurred the lines between reality and imagination. The exhibition in Dubai was a testament to the power of technology and creativity in shaping the future of visual art.

My 3D video landscapes, unveiled at the EP7 Building in Paris through the Artpoint gallery, marked an exciting convergence of art and technology. These creations were not only exhibited but also sold as NFTs, emphasizing the growing significance of digital art in the contemporary art world. The exhibition, set against the backdrop of EP7, showcased the limitless possibilities of 3D video art, solidifying the role of NFTs as a groundbreaking medium for artists and collectors alike.