002 → Fashion Editorial

For Omar's "Fluxo" collection, I embarked on a unique fashion editorial series that seamlessly fuses the realms of fashion and digital artistry. This avant-garde collection features a mesmerizing blend of CGI and photography integration, conjuring dark and fantastical landscapes in 3D. Amidst these surreal backdrops, green lasers pierce the night, while models clad in Omar's cutting-edge designs take center stage. The editorial tells a compelling story of the thriving rave scene and the emerging generation of youth, capturing the electric energy and the ever-evolving spirit of this cultural phenomenon.

"Algorithmic Aesthetics" is a thought-provoking triptych of portraits born from the creative interplay between human and artificial intelligence. Delving into the enigmatic realm of AI, this series challenges conventional notions of beauty by questioning the standards imposed by algorithms and the fashion industry. Three captivating portraits spotlight the striking beauty of three young women, their allure a testament to the machine's aesthetic preferences. This compelling project, curated by GlassTemple Art and Daniel Maury, made its debut at the prestigious Chateau de l'Aile gallery in Vevey in 2023, leaving viewers to ponder the intriguing fusion of technology and beauty standards.

For Hunger Magazine, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the enchanting Spanish model, Claudia Bielsa, in a fashion editorial series that transcends the boundaries of reality. Blending the mesmerizing worlds of CGI and photography, this collection is a vivid exploration of fantasy and whimsy. Bursting with vibrant colors and an abundance of flowers, each image weaves a tapestry of Claudia's ideal magical realm. The series is a captivating journey into a dreamlike world where enchantment knows no bounds, celebrating the allure and mystique of Claudia in a truly extraordinary way.