001 → Photography

This serie of still life photography, created at home, explores a unique fusion of art and technology. Using holographic and vivid colors, I aimed to infuse a vibrant, with a 3D aesthetic into my photographs, transforming everyday objects into mesmerizing, artificial landscapes. The result is a captivating collection that blurs the line between reality and imagination, radiating a colorful and otherworldly energy.

"Lost in Fantasy," a captivating photographic series unveiled in 2019 at Geneva's Andata Ritorno gallery, immerses viewers in a mesmerizing realm of submerged flowers. These images transcend traditional still life photography, inviting us into a realm where imagination reigns supreme. Blurring the boundaries between the artificial and the raw, this collection transforms simple blooms into intricate, dreamlike landscapes, challenging conventional notions of beauty and creativity.

In a studio setting, I embarked on an experimental photographic journey that delves into the intriguing world of laboratory research. This captivating series weaves together the visual narrative of scientific exploration and discovery, using the studio as a playground for creativity. Through innovative techniques, I brought to life a story that blurs the line between art and science, offering a fresh perspective on the beauty and wonder that can be found in the meticulous process of research.