Artist, photographer, motion designer

I'm a versatile artist, photographer, and motion designer. My creative portfolio spans a diverse range of mediums, from animated landscapes to still life photography. With a passion for infusing magic and aesthetic beauty into my work, I consistently produce visually captivating and enchanting pieces. My dedication to crafting unique and immersive art is a testament to my artistic vision and commitment to creating experiences that resonate with my audience, leaving a lasting impression with each project I undertake.

001 → Photography

This serie of still life photography, created at home, explores a unique fusion of art and technology. Using holographic and vivid colors, I aimed to infuse a vibrant, with a 3D aesthetic into my photographs, transforming everyday objects into mesmerizing, artificial landscapes. The result is a captivating collection that blurs the line between reality and imagination, radiating a colorful and otherworldly energy.

"Lost in Fantasy," a captivating photographic series unveiled in 2019 at Geneva's Andata Ritorno gallery, immerses viewers in a mesmerizing realm of submerged flowers. These images transcend traditional still life photography, inviting us into a realm where imagination reigns supreme. Blurring the boundaries between the artificial and the raw, this collection transforms simple blooms into intricate, dreamlike landscapes, challenging conventional notions of beauty and creativity.

In a studio setting, I embarked on an experimental photographic journey that delves into the intriguing world of laboratory research. This captivating series weaves together the visual narrative of scientific exploration and discovery, using the studio as a playground for creativity. Through innovative techniques, I brought to life a story that blurs the line between art and science, offering a fresh perspective on the beauty and wonder that can be found in the meticulous process of research.

002 → Fashion Editorial

For Omar's "Fluxo" collection, I embarked on a unique fashion editorial series that seamlessly fuses the realms of fashion and digital artistry. This avant-garde collection features a mesmerizing blend of CGI and photography integration, conjuring dark and fantastical landscapes in 3D. Amidst these surreal backdrops, green lasers pierce the night, while models clad in Omar's cutting-edge designs take center stage. The editorial tells a compelling story of the thriving rave scene and the emerging generation of youth, capturing the electric energy and the ever-evolving spirit of this cultural phenomenon.

"Algorithmic Aesthetics" is a thought-provoking triptych of portraits born from the creative interplay between human and artificial intelligence. Delving into the enigmatic realm of AI, this series challenges conventional notions of beauty by questioning the standards imposed by algorithms and the fashion industry. Three captivating portraits spotlight the striking beauty of three young women, their allure a testament to the machine's aesthetic preferences. This compelling project, curated by GlassTemple Art and Daniel Maury, made its debut at the prestigious Chateau de l'Aile gallery in Vevey in 2023, leaving viewers to ponder the intriguing fusion of technology and beauty standards.

For Hunger Magazine, I had the pleasure of collaborating with the enchanting Spanish model, Claudia Bielsa, in a fashion editorial series that transcends the boundaries of reality. Blending the mesmerizing worlds of CGI and photography, this collection is a vivid exploration of fantasy and whimsy. Bursting with vibrant colors and an abundance of flowers, each image weaves a tapestry of Claudia's ideal magical realm. The series is a captivating journey into a dreamlike world where enchantment knows no bounds, celebrating the allure and mystique of Claudia in a truly extraordinary way.

003 →  Arts videos

Into the enchanting world of my 3D animated landscapes video series, where magic meets the mystique of simulation theory. Each video features breathtakingly beautiful landscapes that transcend the ordinary, crafting scenes that seem to pulse with an otherworldly glow. As viewers navigate through these fantastical realms, the soothing narration weaves a compelling dialogue about the simulation theory, suggesting our reality might be an intricate digital mirage akin to a dream. This series not only offers a visual feast of animated artistry but also serves as a philosophical journey, challenging viewers to question the very nature of existence and the potential fluidity between dreams and reality. Each landscape is a portal to a place where the fantastical becomes possible and the boundaries of perception are endlessly expanded.

004 →  Comissionned Works

I had the privilege of creating a captivating triptych for the esteemed cosmetic brand Oribe, commissioned exclusively for publication in iloveyoumagazine. In this mystical composition, the products seamlessly merge with nature, shrouded in an enigmatic mist that conjures a sense of wonder and intrigue. The imagery transports these cosmetic offerings into a realm of fantasy, where the ethereal atmosphere lends an air of mystique. It's a compelling fusion of the brand's products with the
enchantment of a vivid, dreamlike reality, inviting viewers to explore this enchanting world of beauty and nature.

The luxury brand Zenith Watches entrusted me with a remarkable commission to commemorate their 50th anniversary, a project that seamlessly blended photography and CGI. The resulting images are a striking fusion of the tangible and the virtual, where Zenith's iconic timepieces take on a mesmerizing, distorted form. This unique approach was chosen to vividly illustrate the concept of time traveling, a fitting tribute to a brand that has been at the forefront of watchmaking innovation for half a century. The collaboration serves as a testament to Zenith's dedication to pushing the boundaries of horology, reimagining time in an exciting and unconventional manner.

For Sephora, I embarked on a commissioned project that sought to elevate the simple beauty of a lipstick into an exquisite and visually captivating work of art. In a single photograph, the lipstick appears to effortlessly float on water, surrounded by a burst of vibrant and colorful effects. The result is a stunning image that remarkably simulates the illusion of a 3D illustration, imbuing the product with a sense of luxury, fantasy, and shine. This work is a testament to the power of artistic imagination in transforming everyday items into something extraordinary, making the lipstick truly stand out as a glamorous and desirable object of desire.

In 2021, I had the incredible opportunity to create a commissioned piece for the immensely talented singer Chlöe Bailey, to be showcased at the MTV award ceremony. This work took the form of a 3D video and a captivating landscape, designed to serve as the backdrop for Chlöe's performance. This visually stunning collaboration was broadcasted on MTV, leaving a lasting impression on the audience. It was a testament to the power of artistry to elevate live performances and create a memorable and immersive experience for viewers, further solidifying Chlöe's position as a remarkable artist in the music industry.

I was commissioned by the innovative company Swisstypeface to create a captivating series of 3D video landscapes. These videos were crafted to adorn their homepage website, offering an immersive and dynamic experience for visitors. Each landscape was meticulously designed to capture the essence of Swisstypeface's vision and showcase their commitment to creativity and innovation. This collaboration serves as a testament to the power of art and technology in enhancing the online presence of forward-thinking companies, offering an engaging and unforgettable digital journey for their audience.

005 →  Art Exhibitions

My 3D video landscapes, featured in exhibitions across Seoul, Paris, and Lausanne, represent a fusion of art and technology. These immersive creations were part of the collective show and research project, "Automated Photography," where we delved into the intriguing intersection of art and technology. Through this exhibition, I had the privilege of exploring the limitless possibilities that emerge when creativity meets automation, offering viewers a glimpse into a future where the digital realm and artistic expression harmoniously coexist. Exhibition curated by Milo Keller. 

My 3D video landscapes, showcased at the prestigious 22gallery in Dubai, represent a groundbreaking approach to immersive art. The concept behind this exhibit was to envelope viewers in an all-encompassing 180° screen, allowing them to step into a world of mesmerizing digital landscapes. This innovative presentation challenged the boundaries of traditional art, offering an experience that blurred the lines between reality and imagination. The exhibition in Dubai was a testament to the power of technology and creativity in shaping the future of visual art.

My 3D video landscapes, unveiled at the EP7 Building in Paris through the Artpoint gallery, marked an exciting convergence of art and technology. These creations were not only exhibited but also sold as NFTs, emphasizing the growing significance of digital art in the contemporary art world. The exhibition, set against the backdrop of EP7, showcased the limitless possibilities of 3D video art, solidifying the role of NFTs as a groundbreaking medium for artists and collectors alike.

Gaël Corboz 

Artist, photographer and a motion designer

Based in Vevey, Switzerland, he's a distinguished artist, photographer, and motion designer with honors from ECAL, the renowned art school. His versatile career spans music, luxury industries, and the dynamic world of NFTs within the web3 ecosystem. His work harmoniously blends nature and technology, uniting the beauty of the natural world with cutting-edge advancements. Above all, his creative journey is fueled by a desire to challenge conventional beauty standards, exploring the ever-evolving interplay between art and innovation through the lens of nature and technology.


Sephora, Gucci Oribe, Zénith Watches, Ous Records, Strecke Records, MTV, Warner
Music, Creaked Records, SwissTypefaces, Ding Yun Zhang etc


Forbes, Novembre Magazine, Dazed Beauty, I Love You Magazine,
Automated Photography, ECAL


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